From Pastor Jim – January 17, 2019

Special General Conference  (UMC) – February 2019. We are United Methodists and part of a global connection that is in mission to all the world. The whole UMC has as its stated mission:  “To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the world!” In February “The General Conference” will be addressing a number […]

From Pastor Jim – November 14, 2018

The following proclamation was made by Governor Bradford in 1623:  To all ye Pilgrims,             Inasmuch as the great father has given us an abundant harvest of Indian corn, wheat, peas, squashes and garden vegetables, and has made the forests to abound with game and the sea with fish and clams, and inasmuch as he […]

From Pastor Jim – 10/31/2018

I am setting aside what was going to be my blog in this edition to address for a moment anti-Semitism.  Anti-Semitism in any and all forms is a despicable evil.  As we all know, a terrorist entered the Tree of Life synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh and opened fire during Shabbat services. […]

From Pastor Jim – 10/10/2018

out·rage NOUN – an extremely strong reaction of anger, shock, or indignation. “her voice trembled with outrage” synonyms: indignation · fury · anger · rage · disapproval · wrath · shock · VERB – (be outraged) arouse fierce anger, shock, or indignation in (someone). “he was outraged at this attempt to take his victory away from him” synonyms: enrage · infuriate · incense · anger · scandalize · offend · Outrage is rampant. From all sectors of our society. Strong feelings abound. A […]

From Pastor Jim – 10/4/2018

BY:  Pastor Jim Carver It has been a goal of mine to start writing a blog.  Recently in worship… I did not even recognize the blog symbol.  Tells you how much I am up on this.  I do not tweet.  Have never done Instagram.  And there are other social media formats I don’t know enough […]