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Congregational Care Team

In its early history as recorded in the Book of Acts, the Church instituted an order of consecrated ministers to personify or focus the servant hood to which all Christians are called. Our Congregational Care Team is a group of lay people who continue that legacy by working with the Pastor in caring for the flock. The team cares for our most vulnerable population by visiting the sick and isolated, distributing communion, conducting wellness calls, and providing transportation.


Home Communion

When we celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion, we do so as the Body of Christ. This important aspect of worship is something that we provide in a setting outside of church for those who are unable to attend in person. Whether at home, in a care facility, or hospital- brining the communion elements and partaking in communion is an expression of love.

Shawl Ministry

Shawl Ministry

We keep a supply of Prayer Shawls, knitted by volunteers, for distribution by anyone who would like to wrap someone in love. Feedback from recipients is heartwarming- we hear time and time again “wearing my shawl is like getting a big hug, I can feel the love that went into every stitch”.

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