Sanctuary Church Worship Service
Our Philosophy

Worship is a lifestyle.

Be filled and fueled for the week to come.

Worship is one of our highest priorities. We believe that it is one of many ways in which we display affection towards God and experience his presence. While we engage in weekly worship experiences as a church, we also believe that worship is a lifestyle. And our goal is to provide an opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus and to be both filled and fueled for the week to come, so that we might continue through the week serving and worshiping his name. Our Café is open with coffee, tea and snacks. Feel free to enjoy a time of fellowship indoors or outside on patio.

About Our Services

Traditional Experience

9:15am in the Sanctuary

Our traditional worship experience involves hymn-based music lead by our organist or pianist. There is a time of prayer, scripture reading and a messaged based on the Bible. We use projection in this service as well as Hymnals.

Traditional Worship Experience Communion
Contemporary worship in fellowship center

Praise & Worship Experience

10:30am in the Fellowship Center

Our Fellowship Center provides a relaxed atmosphere to come and encounter Jesus. The praise band leads the music with guitar, keyboard, and drums to accompany vocalists. There is a time of prayer, scripture reading, and a message based on the Bible.

What to Expect

  • Do I have to wear a mask?

    9:15 Service in the Sanctuary 

    No restrictions or distancing required. Masks are optional.

    10:30 Service in the Fellowship Center

    No restrictions or distancing required. Masks are optional.

  • Can I watch the service online?

    We offer Sunday morning LIVESTREAMING on Facebook at both the 9:15 and 10:30 services. You are invited to join us.


  • Do I have to give money?

    We believe that we are a blessed people and we want to give back to the Lord, but no one is obligated to give.

    II Corinthians 8:12. “Whatever you give is acceptable if you give it eagerly. And give according to what you have, not what you don’t have.”

  • Do I have to get all dressed up?

    We encourage you to dress in whatever way that you are comfortable. We tend to have a more casual vibe in our second service, but in both of our services we embrace a casual “family style” atmosphere.

  • Is there music?

    Yes! We believe music is a vital component of the worship experience. Sanctuary is tremendously blessed with gifted musicians. In our sanctuary, during our first service, we have a wonderful organist along with other talented musicians to lead us in the singing of hymns and worship songs. We also have a bell choir and Chancel Choir who regularly share their musical talents during the service. Our second service, held in our Fellowship Center, has it’s own unique musical identity and is led by our praise team, comprised of gifted vocalists and musicians.

  • Does someone stand up front and talk for a long time?

    We are a Bible based church and as such, the message given each week is based on a Biblical reference. The message is typically about 20 minutes and designed to help people understand the “word” in a way that makes it relatable and personal, often through story telling and illustrations.

  • Are people going to talk to me?

    We will welcome you and introduce you to others. Visiting a church can feel awkward, and we understand that. We won’t draw attention to you, ask you to stand up and introduce yourself, or anything else that will make you feel uncomfortable. If you care to share your contact information, we have a Welcome Card for you to complete so we can connect with you. We want you to enjoy your visit and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • What if I want to get involved?

    As Christians we are called to be “lifelong” learners, to that end, Sanctuary provides several opportunities for adults to connect, learn, and grow together. We gather to study the Bible together, build lasting relationships, and offer support during life’s highs and lows. You’re not meant to journey through life alone. We invite you to explore some of the many ways that you can get connected with others. Looking for something specific? Contact Sue Burrell, Director of Connections 215-699-9331 x12.

Get Connected


We are all on a journey. Perhaps you are just beginning yours, or maybe you are well on your way. Like Christ, we will meet you “right where you are”.

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Our youth have a wonderful time full of fun, food, and worship at Bighouse, held every Sunday evening. This vibrant program appeals to the appetites (both spiritual and physical) of the youth of today.

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On Sunday mornings Kids Connection is the place to be for children between the ages of 4 and 11. The Bible comes to life in a variety of fun and engaging ways! The lessons are exciting and are taught by church members who are serving Jesus by teaching your kids.

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Care & Support

Sanctuary offers many ways for youth and adults to get involved with our church community and the community at large. You don’t need experience to lend your time, just a can-do attitude and willingness to complete some training for certain opportunities.

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Meet Our Staff

Learn more about our Pastor and dedicated leadership team.


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