Our Vision

“Live Christ”

Our vision is for Sanctuary to be an authentic community of followers of Christ in which:

  • The broken can find wholeness, healing, and compassion
  • The searching can find truth, life, and purpose
  • The believing can find growth, encouragement, and fellowship
  • The mature can find clarity, expansion, and pursuit of their life mission

Core Values


We are committed to Christ-centered worship; offered in multiple styles, designed to be inspirational and relevant in order to connect people with the power of the Risen-Lord.


We are committed to our relationship with God and to one another. We invite, welcome, encourage, accept all persons in and outside of Sanctuary.


We are committed to helping each other maintain standards of behavior as modeled by Jesus. We will serve Christ and each other with our prayers, presence, gifts service and witness.


We are committed to sharing God’s love and grace through service in our community. We will walk alongside and support those God places in our path. We pray for, work with, and build up our community locally, regionally, and globally.

Our Mission

“Give Hope”

The mission of Sanctuary UMC is to:

  • Proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ
  • Lead people into a personal relationship with Jesus
  • Nurture followers to grow in maturity, and
  • Send them into the world to bring hope to a hurting world.

What We Believe

  • The Crux

    We believe that:

    • Everyone needs Jesus.
    • All people are of equal value in the sight of God.
    • The local church is God’s Plan A – there is no Plan B.
    • Spiritual growth takes place most effectively in small groups.
  • Our Beliefs

    • God is creator and ruler of the universe.
    • Jesus Christ is the begotten only Son of God and only way to the Father.
    • The Holy Spirit leads, sustains, and empowers believers.
    • The Bible is God’s word for all of humanity.
    • Salvation is the forgiveness of our sins and a gift from Jesus Christ.
    • A Christian is a person who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Get In Touch

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